What is media buying? What is the role of a media buyer? Explained

Have you ever heard about words “media buying or media buyer”? Probably you have heard of media buying if you know anything about digital marketing. If you want to know everything about what is media buying in digital marketing and what is the role of a media buyer, please read up until the end.

What is a media buying service?

Digital media buying is explained in this video.

Media buying is an aspect of paid marketing. The goal is to identify and buy ad space at the optimal time for the least amount of money on platforms relevant to the target audience. 

The media buying process applies to traditional advertising channels (TV, radio, prints) and digital advertising channels (websites, social media, streaming). 

Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, and Native ads are the primary digital media buying platforms.

When done effectively, media buyers can maximize exposure to their target market for the lowest cost.

What is the role of a media buyer?

Role of a media buyer?

Media buyers aggregate and purchase attention. Media buyers connect consumers with brands that may be of service or interest to them.

The media buyers’ job is to connect people’s problems and pains with brands that solve and simplify their lives.

From a business perspective, media buyers bring new life to businesses. They help during their hard time.

Media buying is not only about growing companies; it’s also about helping businesses. 

Media buyers can change the world by influencing the economy, consumers’ lives, businesses, and society. The digital age has brought more consumer spending online.

Where media buyers failed mentally?

Media buying is similar to golf. It is a 99% mental game and 1% physical. 

They are psychological thinkers and know how to deliver better persuasion value. They also play with the human mind to get them into their funnel.

Nevertheless, media buyers failed mentally at some point, somewhere around:

  • Fear of Failure – Media buying is primarily a mental game, so some people fail due to their mindset. Having a fear of failure prevents them from growing and creatively experimenting.
  • Money Scarcity – Media buyers who consistently deliver positive results can charge 10X. However, the fear of negative results may ruin their mental state. 
  • Continual Client Flow – One of media buyers’ most giant mental blocks is the inability to maintain consistent client flow. Money will flow if there is constant client flow. Eventually, they start to fear losing clients and businesses.

What else are media buyers are?

What else are media buyers are?

Yes, My fellow readers, 

People often think media buyers are just media buyers, but this is incorrect.

The media buyers have multiple personality disorders. (humorous)

Media buyers don’t live with one personality; they carry multiple characters as follows:

  1. Marketers – They are proven to apply marketing strategies to generate quality traffic and grow businesses. They know how to promote any product or service in a very effective manner.
  1. Psychologists – To generate the numbers, they play with human psychology. They understand users’ behaviors. They know how to put the right message in front of users, when to deliver it, and how to trigger sales.
  1. Researchers – First, they study the customer avatar in depth to understand the ideal customer. Their research focuses on the demographics of their ideal customers, what they like, dislike, hobbies, activities, income, and problems they face.
  1. Empaths – It’s important that they feel the Ideal Customer’s Life after using the product or service. They need to evoke emotions that feel good to the customers.
  1. Communicators – They are also good communicators, bringing together people. Connecting problems with solutions. Connecting brands to consumers.

All this is digital media buyer responsibilities and how media buyers play multiple roles in a single brand movie.

How much does a media buyer make?

Media buyers can grow and scale any business to the moon. They are one of the valuable pillars of any business. Companies are never afraid to spend on media buying services.

Here are the top 3 ways media buyers charges.

1. Monthly Fixed Charge

Some media buyers work on a fixed monthly fee. They are less concerned with objectives (Leads/Signup/Sales); they are more concerned with processes and strategies.

Of course! The right strategy and operations lead to sales. 

Depending on the country, experienced media buyers charge around $600 to $2500 per client per month.

2. Ad Budget Cut Off

Some media buyers work on a percentage cut ranging from 5%-30% of the total budget. They are more concerned with KPIs and goal objectives. 

3. Revenue Share

Most experienced media buyers charge a percentage of the revenue. They specialize in scaling large businesses with high advertising budgets.

Their revenue share can range from 10%-20%, up to six figures.

How to become a media buyer?

How to become a media buyer?
  1. Learn – To become a highly paid media buyer, you must learn from an experienced mentor through free or paid courses (recommended).
  1. Implement – You can practice your learning on your own free startups or people’s small businesses at a minimal ad cost.
  1. Share – Share your media buying journey and knowledge on blogs, YouTube, and social media to build your social presence and authority.
  1. Experience – Build your own strategy and apply your knowledge to grow small and mid-sized businesses to gain experience for future advancement.
  1. Scale – Convert your business model to the agency and build your in-house team. Collaborate with high-end businesses to scale your agency revenue.


Media buying is a high-demand and challenging carrier. There must be an analytical and data-driven approach.

A lot of pressure is placed on acquiring the correct ad placement to improve customer experience and conversion. 

Media teams optimize spending and systems by staying updated on media buying strategies and negotiation tactics.

I hope now you understand what media buying is and the role of the media buyer.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions.

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