FlexiFunnels Review 2022: Pros & Cons | My Honest Review

If you are looking for a full detailed “FlexiFunnels review” – India’s FIRST-EVER funnel builder software, keep reading because I have explained in detail every feature of FlexiFunnels in this article.

It will help you make an informed decision on whether to buy it or not.

First thing first, I have to say that I am impressed with FlexiFunnels, and that’s because it is a one-stop solution for anyone looking to make profits online.

I will cover what it does, who it is for, what’s the price, is it worth the price and the good & bad of FlexiFunnels.

What is FlexiFunnels?

what is flexifunnels?

FlexiFunnels is a funnel builder product.

  • It creates high-quality landing pages that open at an actual quick lightning-fast speed 
  • Creates high converting checkout pages to collect payments 
  • Manages all your integrations in one place 
  • Hosts your courses within the platform if you are a course creator
  • Creates funnels and sequences like upsells, downsells, etc.

Plus, it does a lot more things like:

  • Automatic SSL
  • Hosts & delivers your digital assets
  • Leads centralization
  • Sales reporting
  • Advanced analytics
  • and a lot more…

Let’s have a look at the features one by one in detail:

1. FlexiFunnels Drag & Drop Landing page builder

FlexiFunnels Landing Page Builder

FlexiFunnels landing page builder allows ANYONE, even from a non-coding background, to create landing pages or sales pages online with a simple drag & drop ease.

You can make any page like a lead generation page, webinar registration page, replay page, sales page, local business page, product page, or ANY page.

It comes with more customization options than I have ever seen anywhere in any page builder.

The detailing of all the elements is fantastic and gives you many opportunities to create any kind of page that you want.

2. Lightning Fast Speed & Accelerated Page Delivery

Flexifunnels Ultra fast hosting

I am super impressed with the lightning-fast speed of the pages made on FlexiFunnels. They open in a flash within a second.

Literally, I have not seen any page open that quick anytime before. All the pages I have made on FlexiFunnels, whether big or small, are available in seconds.

Opening your pages at such a fast speed has a huge advantage. 

Have a look at these quoted statements below:

 1 second of load lag time would cost Amazon $1.6 Billion in sales per year” – Amazon

“When load times jump from 1 second to 4 seconds, conversions decline sharply. For every 1 second of improvement, we experience a 2% conversion increase” – Walmart

A loading lag of even 1-second costs you much money that you don’t even notice.

FlexiFunnels opens pages in a flash, so if your pages aren’t, you lose a great deal of money.

FlexiFunnels adds all that extra revenue to your pockets without you even noticing!

3. Integrated Payment Method & Converting Checkout Pages

Flexifunnels Integrated Payment Method

FlexiFunnels payment method integrations allow you to collect payments online.

Here’s the best part:

You can create your high-converting checkout pages in FlexiFunnels for collecting payments. 

It means you no longer have to use the dull & boring checkout pages of the payment gateways that are not conversion friendly.

FlexiFunnels checkout page has significant advantages like:

  • Add your testimonials
  • Bullets
  • Final reminders
  • Value stacking
  • Last minute scarcity
  • Coupon code
  • Trusted payment seal
  • And basically, anything that helps you in increasing your conversions. They are fully customizable.

It allows you to add your remarketing pixel on the checkout page so you can remarket to your lost visitors.

It has an inbuilt cart abandon sequence to recover your failed payments. And the best thing is that it has a bump offer method that increases your average cart value.

Hence, it increases your profits.

So using FlexiFunnels checkout pages is a huge deal that increases your profit margins while cutting down your costs.

4. Funnel Builder

Flexifunnels advance funnel builder

If you have been in & around online marketing, you must know that “Funnels” helps you generate maximum profits online.

With FlexiFunnels, you can create funnel logic like

  • Lead generation
  • Sales funnel
  • Upsells
  • Downsells
  • And any logic that you like

Profit margins explode when you create a funnel. We have seen results like doubling or tripling the number of profits because of a good funnel.

Moreover, FlexiFunnels is the FIRST funnel builder based in India that allows products.

Creators in India create Funnels, sell their products & grow their profits.

5. Advanced Integrations

Flexifunnels Advanced Integrations

This, for me, is the winning feature. That’s because of the amount of cost & headache it saves you.

For example, without FlexiFunnels:

  • If you want to create a sequence in which people register for your webinar and get added to your email list simultaneously, you would need a solution like Zapier to do it for you.
  • Or, if you are selling something and want the online data to pass from your payment gateway to your email list and then to your product from where it gets delivered, it will require even heavier use of Zapier & similar tools.

If you are operating at a decent scale, you would need budgets of upwards of $100-$200 per month (minimum) to manage all these tasks.

FlexiFunnels has all these integrations built in already.

As a result, FlexiFunnels takes care of all the additional costs & headaches associated with running an online business.

6. Inbuilt Fully Secure Course & Membership area

Flexifunnels Fully Secure Course & Membership area

If you are a course creator, this feature is a massive plus for you. You can host your courses right inside FlexiFunnels.

One huge thing is that the paid courses hosted on FlexiFunnels are fully secure. Meaning the videos cannot be downloaded.

Plus, more security features ensure your course piracy cannot happen. That’s a huge thing if you are even a bit aware of how big a thing course piracy is, and it will save & make you much money as a course creator.

And just by hosting your courses on FlexiFunnels, you will:

  • Save the additional monthly cost of hosting your course somewhere
  • Save the monthly cost of an integration software like Zapier

FlexiFunnels course area is lightning quick, and I have never seen such a fast course membership platform before.

Moreover, hosting your courses on FlexiFunnels helps you generate more profits by saving your refunds.

Let me explain.

Let’s think about a course buyer.

Course access is the first thing any course buyer would look for right after purchase.

Most people who purchase a course online are in that puzzle & confusion mode, thinking about whether they made the right decision or not.

They are already short on confidence as soon as they make the purchase.

And then imagine they don’t receive the access immediately because usually 2 or 3 different products are involved in sending course access which takes time. 

Typically, most course sellers use payment gateways to accept payments & then zapier to pass on the data.

Then another email SMTP software service is required that delivers course access.

Overall, it quickly takes up to 2-5 minutes to deliver course access.

I am not talking about the hassle of managing 3-4 different software all the time just to create a system that works.

You would often have seen course creators mentioning something like this: “Do check your spam folder for access.”

Do you even realize the negative impact it has on your first-time buyers? Your course access is in the “SPAM” folder.

Unknowingly it dents the confidence of your buyers & creates the possibility of at least 1 out of 100 refunds in the longer run.

FlexiFunnels instantly delivers your course access on the Thank You page.

Plus, it is also sent via Email, which you call exemplary customer service.

This automatically reduces the burden on your support people & saves you a ton of refunds.

Flexifunnels Host & Sell Courses

Plus, there are so many more advanced course features. Mentioning a few of them below:

  • The fully mobile responsive membership area
  • Drip-Feed Content on a specific date
  • Drip-Feed Content as per specific days passed
  • Multiple courses inside one membership
  • Divide your single course into multiple bundles containing limited modules & lessons. So you can choose to sell different versions of your single course.Let’s say a lite & a premium version. Only the modules & lessons which are selected in a bundle will be unlocked. The remaining will be locked.
  • Bundle Upselling – Option to add sales page/checkout page link in the locked lessons of a course
  • Automatic buyer access is sent via Email via your name & Email
  • Security Feature – Only two people can log in at a time with one access credential. If any third person tries to log in, the first person will instantly log out.
  • Security Feature – The name & Email of the course buyer will be visible inside the course videos to the respective buyer at multiple places randomly. So no one can screen record.

7. Mentoring by Saurabh Bhatnagar

Mentoring by Saurabh Bhatnagar

Famous funnel expert Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar is the founder of FlexiFunnels.

He has added much training inside FlexiFunnels that can help even a total newbie become an online expert & start making huge profits Online.

Training courses are available for Traffic, Marketing, Copywriting, Course Creation, Course Marketing, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Social Media/Digital Marketing Agency, and more.

They have even included training on how to research clients and how to approach & close them.

Saurabh Bhatnagar has created thousands of success stories of his students making a killing online because of his training, courses & events.

This is where you can get all of his training materials and group guidance for free.

You also get “FlexiFunnels” that fulfill your every online business requirement. With this, you will be all set to make huge profits online.

How does FlexiFunnels works?

It works in 3 simple steps

  1. Choose from 300+ Done-For-You templates
  2. Customize your template
  3. Hit publish & start making sales

Check out this demo video to see live action.

There are tons of other features to discuss as well.

For example:

  • The landing pages you make are automatically fully responsive
  • 300+ ready-to-use website pages for almost every purpose (ex-lead generation, webinar registration, sales page, etc.)
  • Domain mapping to ensure all your funnels & pages are run over your domain
  • Digital assets delivery to deliver your digital products in a flash
  • Tracking pixels or any other embed code can be inserted on all your pages
  • Your contacts remain centralized in one dashboard
  • One single panel for all your sales reporting
  • Advanced analytics to help you improve your conversions
  • Automatic SSL for all your pages & funnels
  • DDOS-protected pages, and there are a lot more.

It will take another 5000 words if I go on & write about everything that is inside FlexiFunnels.

300+ Done For You Funnels & Pages

However, I should also discuss two other things.

They are extra money-making the opportunity that comes with FlexiFunnels:

1.) Commercial Rights

You have full rights to create the landing pages and build funnels & courses for your clients.

There are so many businesses that want to come online.

Especially now, after the impact of Covid, during which so many businesses were shut down for months. 

Even small local businesses like restaurants, gyms, dentists, etc., have realized the importance of their business being present online.

Now, all that you need to do is reach out to them to help them get online. They are already ready and need someone to help them move online.

Other clients, like SAAS owners, coaches, consultants, authors, and many more, are always available.

You can create pages & funnels for them and charge anywhere between Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 Lakh to 2 Lakhs for a single funnel.

You are also getting proven training by Saurabh Bhatnagar on how to research & close clients.

So that will help you in starting/scaling this income stream for yourself.

2.) Automatic Affiliate

This is a passive source of income opportunity that comes with FlexiFunnels.

All the buyers of FlexiFunnels automatically become affiliates of FlexiFunnels.

Then they have this great feature that enables a tiny “Made With FlexiFunnels” badge on all of your pages (optional – you can disable it too).

When anyone clicks on the badge & takes up a FlexiFunnels subscription, you get paid for it every month or year, depending on their subscription.

It’s a tremendous passive source of money-making opportunity that comes with FlexiFunnels by doing nothing extra.

Is it for whom?

FlexiFunnels is a perfect fit for ANYONE who wants to earn or grow their profits online.

  • Local businesses,
  • Coaches,
  • Consultants,
  • Network marketers,
  • Affiliates,
  • Digital product creators,
  • Authors,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Digital marketers, or
  • Anybody who wants to scale their business online. They need FlexiFunnels.

As you know, Funnels are highly responsible for 10Xing the profit of any online business.

FlexiFunnels makes it so easy to create profit-producing funnels, and that’s why anybody doing any form of business online needs FlexiFunnels.

Plus, you have already seen the amount of cost “FlexiFunnels” saves you by not using 10 different products & using just one single “FlexiFunnels” software.

Plus, it adds additional profits because of the advanced technology like lesser page load time, converting checkout pages, bump offers, checkout remarketing, advanced analytics, etc.

And if you are someone who is starting, you have the vast opportunity to learn from funnel expert Saurabh’s best training material & earn a lot by working online.

Within two months, you will become an expert, plus you will have FlexiFunnels to take care of all your online requirements.

With this single investment, you are opening a full online earning opportunity for you.

The Pros:

  • Superfast speed
  • Drag & drop landing page builder
  • High converting checkout pages
  • Integrated payment methods
  • Funnel builder – India’s first
  • Advanced integrations
  • The inbuilt fully secure course membership area
  • Centralized leads & sales reporting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • High level mentoring
  • Commercial rights
  • Passive earning opportunity – automatic affiliate access

The Cons:

Maybe the only bad thing is that there are many features inside FlexiFunnels & it would take a proper learning curve of at least one week to understand what all features are there.

But as we know, it is ultimately ending the need & cost of 10 different products, so it has to be time-consuming to understand.

The good thing is that the training material provided is fantastic & completely step by step.

Moreover, the Facebook group is a great community that is full of answers & helpful people.

So that helps you overall. Additionally, it creates networking opportunities.

The Awesome:

Flexifunnels Business centralization

If you see you are cutting down on almost 10 different monthly recurring software to run an online business & the headache of managing them to keep them running altogether.

FlexiFunnels is your one-stop software to manage & run your entire online business from one single place.


In this FlexiFunnels review, Overall I would say it’s a fantastic product.

It is ultimately solving the need of any digital marketer or any online business enthusiast.

You can make landing pages by simple drag & drop even if you have zero technical background.

The smart inbuilt features exponentially increase the profit margins & truly helps you in cutting down the costs—so overall more profits.

Plus, as a special launch bonus, it comes up with excellent mentoring from the best funnel expert Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar who has created thousands of success stories one after the other just from his courses & training materials.

You are getting all of it included in the special launch.

So it makes perfect sense to get FlexiFunnels during the special launch period. 

>> Get the Special Launch EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of FlexiFunnels.

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